Family emergency requires speedy home sale

I lived in Jacksonville, Florida, for almost five years.

  • I really loved the area.

The weather and landscape are truly beautiful, the people friendly, and there’s always fun activities available. When I first moved to Jacksonville, I purchased a house that was a bit beyond my means. I fell in love with the hardwood floors, original molding and architectural charm. The house was built in the mid eighteen hundreds. Unfortunately, that meant the property lacked important modern amenities. There was no conventional ductwork to allow for a centralized air conditioner. A lack of insulation in the walls resulted in significant heat gain and heat losses. Single pain windows were to blame for drafts, energy losses and an influx of bugs. The wiring was terribly outdated and plumbing consisted of galvanized pipes. Even the exterior of the house was wooden siding with elaborate shutters and awnings. Because the house was considered a historical property, every update, repair or renovation needed to be approved by the historical society. They permitted nothing that didn’t comply with the history of the house. I couldn’t install Energy Star windows or high-efficiency AC. I couldn’t even paint the house without getting approval. The house gradually fell into disrepair. Right about the time I considered listing the house for sale, my father had a heart attack and fell down the stairs. He needed someone to move in with him and provide care. This required me to move back to the northeastern part of the country. I didn’t have the time, money or luxury of listing my house and waiting months for a buyer. I also knew the house wouldn’t pass local building codes or qualify for lending. I needed to sell my house fast. For me, the best option was to contact a cash home buyer. I was able to secure an offer that same day and complete the closing within two weeks.


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