Undesirable renter makes cash sales a relief

I bought a rental property with an established tenant.

I was told that the renter had plans to move out at the end of the year.

While it was helpful to earn steady rental income to cover the mortgage on the property, I was looking forward to doing some much-needed updates. Once the renter moved out, I had plans to renovate the kitchen and bathroom, replace the windows and make some improvements to the energy efficiency and aesthetics of the home. I hoped to paint, clean, replace light fixtures and possibly install a new air conditioner. At the end of the year, the renter failed to move out. They also quit paying their rent. I contacted the tenant by email and also sent an actual notice. I called and texted. When I finally stopped by the property, I was unpleasantly surprised by the condition of the exterior. The lawn was overgrown and littered with garbage. Just standing on the porch, I detected a horrible odor coming from inside. The tenant refused to answer the door. Initially, I thought something terrible may have happened. I worried that my renter was either injured or deceased. However, I eventually learned that they were just slovenly. The eviction process didn’t go well. It was stressful, time-consuming and not accomplishing anything. I knew that even if the renter finally vacated, the property would be left in really bad condition. I didn’t want to deal with excessive garbage and damage. I knew that listing the house was a waste of time. A conventional buyer would be unable to secure a loan or insurance. I chose to go with a cash home buyer. There is a local Jacksonville, Florida, company with a very solid reputation. They provide same-day cash offers with no obligation. They are able to handle the closing process in under two weeks.

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