How to sell a home in probate

My Grandma recently passed away plus I got her home in the will.

I didn’t want it at all. First, her home was in shambles… She hadn’t updated the space in years. The walls were all stained plus dingy. The floors were rotten plus coming up in locations. The bedroom plus bathroom needed extreme updates. I was extremely aggravated to inherit such an expensive piece of property. I knew selling the house on the market was going to be a pain. First, you need to factor in real estate agent costs. Then, I knew any purchaser would want me to make a bunch of repairs plus updates on the property. I didn’t want to sink my own cash into a location that I had no emotional linkment over. I ended up looking at options. I googled to sell my ugly home fast for cash. I found a purchaser that does single-family home cash sales. They were willing to offer me a price plus then just take it. I could walk away without lifting a finger. I took a few things to remember my Grandma, however for the most part, I just handed them the keys plus that was it. Since I wasn’t into the house financially at all, the cash was pure profit for me. Maybe in the long run I could have made more cash updating the location, but I didn’t want to. Selling an inherited home fast for cash is the easiest, smartest way to do things in my opinion. I wouldn’t want to list a household that needs updates.

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