I cut the real estate agent out to save time

My brothers and I are really big into the rental game.

We all own multiple properties and are constantly searching for more. We all agree that when a property is a pain in the butt, we get rid of it. I save a lot of money by not using a property manager. I figure if I get a good place, respectful renters, I don’t need to do too much. I don’t mind doing some repairs and upkeep, but I don’t want a whole bunch of work. When that happens, the property goes. My brothers and I had been using this real estate agent Kate for all the buying and selling. She hasn’t been very reliable. She doesn’t know anything about the properties and doesn’t seem motivated to sell. It was a pain reaching out to her again and again. I now only do cash offers. I have cut her out of the equation. When I buy, I am doing a one time cash offer. When I sell, I sell to a cash home buyer in my area. This woman is amazing. She doesn’t mess around when it comes to selling a property fast for cash. Whether it is a single family or multiple family home, it doesn’t matter. She also will buy commercial property for cash as well. I like that there are no real estate agent fees, closing costs, and repair needs. I love that the time is minimal and the money immediately is in hand. It is so much more efficient than dealing with Kate.