Selling multi family home without a real estate agent

My town has one real estate agent, Melissa.

She is the one I bought my house from and I didn’t like her.

I then had to buy a couple of rental properties all from her. The woman notoriously passes up the numbers just to make it a better rate for her. She isn’t looking for the best deal for the buyer or seller. She isn’t honest, trustworthy or even really deserving of the sale. The woman never knows her comparables or the house. She is just a lady with keys to the property. I have decided after bad experiences with her, I am determined to buy and sell homes through cash offers. I want to cut her out of the equation. When it came time to sell my multi family home, I decided to contact a cash home buyer. This lady was so much nicer and more professional. She didn’t even need me to clean or repair a thing. There were no hidden fees or closing costs. I could just hand her the keys and she handed me money. The biggest argument with you using an agent is getting more money for the home. They shop around and find the highest rate. Well if you want to save time and money on the potential repairs, a multi family cash home buyer is the best bet. I don’t regret going with this other woman for a second. She made everything so streamlined and stress free. I will use her every time for sure. It is a game changer in the home buying industry.

Sell my single family home fast for cash Indianapolis Indiana