Hate being a proprietor, I sold my properties for cash

You don’t have to do any work other than agree on a price tag

I do not like how much work there is with rental properties. It never stops. After learning the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I wanted to get into the rental game. I figured it would work out quite nicely. I would buy a bunch of Jax real estate, collect some side cash, and eventually retire with that. Easy right? Well turns out I don’t have the right mind for rental properties. I hated all the upkeep and work there was. Renters were consistently calling me about issues. I had to plunge toilets, redo floors, mow sods, and deal with craftsmen on a bi-weekly basis. There were consistently repairs that ended up being around what rent was. I was barely making ends meet. What is the point of this? I couldn’t even afford to hire a home manager with all the expense and work. So I ended up looking for someone to take my Florida rentals off my hands. It was a mess when I talked to a real estate agent. I needed to get rid of renters. I needed to make repairs. I needed to stage the locales. I ended up throwing in the towel and just contacting a northeast Florida real estate buyer. I wanted to sell my rental home quickly for cash. I wanted them gone and to never think about them again. A cash house buyer was genuinely the way to go. You don’t have to do any work other than agree on a price tag. I was more than happy to get rid of my Jax rental properties for cash. Now I can try another investment that is right for me.

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