Selling my fire damaged home went so easy

A few years ago I had a small kitchen fire occur that completely wrecked one of the walls. Around the time I was looking at purchasing another home. I didn’t want to invest money into getting that home back to normal. The fire damage was pretty bad and I would have needed to contact a builder, plumbing, electrician and consult a HVAC tech. Instead I just bought my other house and ignored the fire damaged one. Eventually I started worrying about it being condemned. Houses don’t get better with age after all. I started talking to real estate agents about selling it. They all said the same thing. I needed to fix the fire damage before it hit the market. I had to do a bunch of work and invest in a place I no longer wanted. I also had to fork over real estate gees and closing costs when the end result happened. No thank you. So I researched Jacksinville, Florida real estate buyers that specified cash for home deals. I found a northeast Florida real estate buyer that was willing to take my fire damaged home off my hands. The guy didn’t have me do any work at all. I could just sell my fire damaged home fast for cash. I just got a price point, signed, and then handed over the papers. It was that easy. Since I didn’t need the money that bad, anything I got felt like a bonus. I am really glad that I got away with doing no work after that fire.

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