The Florida home buyer took my water damaged home

Renting it out wasn’t a pleasant experience at all

After I moved out of my starter home I decided to rent it out. It was going great until I got one pair of renters that were just awful. They never were happy in the place. They never kept up with yardwork or called me about essential upkeep. They constantly were yelling in the yard and causing issues with the neighbors. It took forever to legally kick them out. Once I stepped foot in the house I was devastated. The house was destroyed. There definitely was a leak in the roof that was left unchecked too long. The ceiling was a mess of water damage. It definitely had started to rot the structure. The amount of work I was required to do would have been obscene. It couldn’t leave it though. If left too long the house would be condemned. So I had to look into selling my Jax property fast for cash. I found that there are northeast Florida home buyers that handled cash deals. The home buyer had no issue with my water damaged home. I actually think he paid too much for the place. He wasn’t scared at all about investing into the place to fix it back to its original glory. For me I was just excited to no longer have that home. Renting it out wasn’t a pleasant experience at all. Yes I got some money on the side but it wasn’t worth it for the work spent. Also knowing that there are people out there that will damage my property, that isn’t appealing either.

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