Using a pallet rack freight broker is so easy

It is much lower than what I am used to.

I changed over to using a pallet rack freight broker instead of moving my materials on my own! I used to do everything and it was a nightmare. I was constantly damaging the product due to handling it so much. It is easy to misplace items, pack them wrong,a dn lose out on time; Also, I have calculated how much my time is worth. I am worth more than packing and repacking material. I make too much currency to drive a bunch of stuff to another warehouse, using a Jacksinvlle freight broker has made my life so much easier, first, I don’t have to handle the product as much, but with moving so much you don’t want to have a bunch of hands on it, and this pallet rack company has everything all bundled up together so it is not handled over and over again. One substantial pile is moved to the truck and then off. That is it. The reduction in handling reduces time, harm, and cost, second, the pallet rack broker company has reduced my traveling costs. I am no longer paying drivers, gas, and repair on vehicles, but letting the last mile freight brokers do everything means I pay one bill. It is much lower than what I am used to. Lastly, the storage costs are way down for my business. I used to have unquestionably limited storage due to the quantity of stuff I have, but now with keeping them on a pallet rack, I keep a ton of material in one small space. I can utilize my space all the way up to the ceiling and deep within corners. It is a much better way to handle business.


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