Selling a renter-occupied property

I realized unquestionably late into the rental game that I am not somebody who enjoys owning rental properties.

I hated dealing with the renters. I was consistently getting calls about blocked toilets, concerns with the flooring, plus a tree down in the sod. It was fancy, taxing work, plus unquestionably little money off. Yes my net worth was nice, however what was I legitimately bringing in? I decided that I wanted to sell all my rental properties plus look at weird investments. Well I did pretty fantastic selling my rentals through a real estate dealer in Portland, OR. I then hit a snag when I needed to sell a renter occupied rental property. I couldn’t kick out the renter plus I legitimately didn’t want to. They were super nice plus loyal to me. I also knew nobody wanted to buy a rental with a renter that needed a flexible payment schedule. The guy was fantastic for the currency, he just occasionally got behind. Well I then realized that finding a Portland currency condo client was the best bet for me. I needed someone who was okay with a sketchy situation. I honestly wish I would have done the Portland real estate client the whole time. The process was so much more streamlined plus efficient. I got way more currency than I was expecting too. I also had to do no work plus there were no hidden fees at the end of the sale. Next time I sell a property, I am looking for currency customers for renter occupied rentals.

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