The house was too expensive for me to keep so I sold it for cash

I made a mistake when I bought my Indianapolis, IN home.

I bought a house way beyond my price means and I couldn’t keep up with it.

I started missing mortgage payments and realized that I needed to sell it. I couldn’t let myself get to the point where the home was foreclosed or I went bankrupt. So I started looking at Indianapolis, IN real estate agencies to see if they could sell it. For the price they wanted nobody was going to buy. The real estate agents also were going to take a cut of the fee and I would need to do repairs and closing costs. I started to get overwhelmed. The issue was that I had no money. How was I supposed to update a home and stage it when I had nothing? So I ended up researching Indiana cash home buyers. Selling my Indianapolis home fast for cash was a great idea. I just needed someone to take this expensive piece of property off my hands and get a little cash in mine. I ended up living in a mansion in a small condo but it was worth it. The stress of paying the mortgage and doing the care for that large home was a problem. Also, living in the heart of the city was super expensive. Now I am on the outskirts and everything is much cheaper. I can afford where I live and properly maintain it. That Indianpolis cash real estate buyer really saved my butt in the end. I am super grateful I am no longer in the red.

Sell my house without a realtor Indianapolis Indiana