Needed to sell my Jax loft when I relocated

I used to know I would be in Jacksonville, FL my entire life. I planned to live in the same house, get married, have youngsters, and that would be it. Well I never met anyone I wanted to stay with. I was single, no youngsters, and my arena of labor was offering a significant promotion if I was willing to move further north. Why not? I could use the money. I had no trouble finding a new arena to live in, shipping all my furniture, and starting at a new office. No, where I had complications was selling my Jacksnoviel property. I realized that real estate agents require a lot of back and forth. They also want renovations, cleaning, and staging done. I just didn’t have time between traveling, setting up a new house, and starting a new task. So I ended up looking at ads that say my buddy and I buy homes for money. The Jax money house clients were great. I was surprised at how quick the process was. When you list a loft online, it can take months. It can cost you quite a bit upfront and then later when you count real estate agent fees and closing costs. I was pleasantly surprised that the Jacksonville loft clients just wanted to figure a number, sign papes, and then never talk again. I ended up making a great deal in my opinion. I also was so glad to close the chapter in Jax and never know about that arena again. It certainly was the best way to go.


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