Selling a damaged divorce home for cash

I am now glad that I am out of that situation.

I went through a really messy divorce with my ex. It got bitter very quickly and things got crazy. My wife charged up all the credit cards so that as a couple we had to split the debt. She also totally trashed our house once she realized I was going to get it. The worst thing she did was pour cement down the drains. It was awful, heartbreaking, and I was so angry. I realized that the repair for that was obscenely expensive. I also didn’t want to spend money fixing what she did. I just wanted out. I kind of thought I wouldn’t get the house. So my plan changed a bunch. I decided that I was just going to sell my divorce home fast for cash. I was pleasantly surprised that cement in the drains was fine. The guy wasn’t upset about the possibility of work. Of course I took a price cut on the house, but I was glad to get something. I also was glad that I didn’t have to do any work or changes. I could just sign papers, get money, and leave. I am still furious with my ex and suing her for property damages. I am now glad that I am out of that situation. Getting anything for the house was a boon at this point. I have no idea what that cash home buyer is going to do about the cement in the pipes. That level of work and remodeling is going to be insanely expensive and awful to deal with. At least there are people interested in doing that.


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