Trying to sell my home with awful neighbors

I bought a home In Jax, FL about three years ago.

I loved the place.

It was new, modern, and had a nice yard. It also was near the water and the city center. I was so excited to have all the things I ever wanted. I quickly realized why I got the place for a deal. The neighbors are awful. On one side of me the couple fights all the time. It isn’t out of the norm for the couple to walk over to my yard and scream at each other in the driveway. They are always calling the cops on each other. The other neighbor constantly has garbage in his yard. He has multiple broken down cars, broken glass, and at one point there was an old toilet. It was awful. I then realized that neighbors can make or break a place. Even though I loved my home and location, I hated the neighbors. I had to leave. I searched around and found a good place to change. I made sure the neighbors were far and not awful. Next was selling my current place. It has been a hassle. The real estate agent was having trouble getting any sort of interest. My neighbors ruined every sale. I am now coming to the realization that I might need to sell my home for cash. A cash home buyer overlooks awful things like loud neighbors, repairs, and out of date elements. I think in my situation that might be my only chance to get out of there.

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