Selling my inherited rental property

My mother bought a rental way back in the day.

She bought in Jacksonville Florida and put a bunch of tenants in there.

For years she was a property manager. She was really great about hiring for upkeep. She made her tenants super happy by catering to them for years. Then she passed and I inherited that rental property. It was a whole new ball game for them. I didn’t drive over there for clogged toilets, odd sounds, or bees in the hallway. I also didn’t take their calls a lot. It was a nightmare with how needy those people were. I realized that I hated being a landlord too. So I started looking for someone who would buy my rental property fast. I really wanted to get out of it. Turns out the Florida home buyers that do cash deals are willing to throw down fast. The inherited property with tenants wasn’t an issue. The upkeep of the needy and the needs of the people weren’t a concern. All I had to do was agree on a price and sign. That was it. How wonderful is that? No cleaning, staging, or kicking out renters that have lived there their entire lives. It was wonderful that someone was keeping the rental but it wasn’t me. I got enough cash that the money is going to do well for my family. I think my mother would be happy with that. I hope so at least. I just don’t have what it takes to be a landlord. It is too difficult.



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