This home is so damaged

There are no basements in Florida. I never understood why. I then found a place that had a basement and was so excited. I can store things in there. I can use it as a workout space. How lucky was I? The woman who sold it did it in the dry season, that jerk. After one rainstorm I realized that the basement floods always. During hurricane season the whole yard floods to the point you can kayak on it. Water is a concern in my place. There is a ton of water flowing in areas you don’t want it to go. I tried digging up the driveway and adding drainage pipe. I consulted professional plumbers. I ended up investing in an expensive sump pump system that turned out during storms and worked 24/7 when there was moisture. It still didn’t make the basement usable. I was sick of all the water problems. I didn’t want to deal with it anymore. It also didn’t seem right to hide the problems from other house buyers. I ended up looking to sell my Jacksonville household fast for money. I thought a money house client wouldn’t mind the water problems. I was absolutely upfront with the woman. I told him what the issue was and what I tried. I told him the problems with the basement. I got a actually honorabledeal for what I was giving him. I am glad to be out of that place truthfully. The water problems were so stressful and cost a lot of money in the end.

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